16 August 2013

Copy Cat

S is definitely in that stage lately where she hears things and repeats them. Not just random words -- we've moved beyond that. But phrases, sentences ... and sometimes she's even been using them in the same context.

Its really had us cracking up.

Like the other day:

Husband: "S ... go turn on the fan, I'm hot."
S: "No ... I'm busy."
Husband: "S ... I asked you to turn on the fan for me. Go do it, please."
S: "I don't care. I'm NOT your mother!"

Oops -- that one is all my fault! She clearly hears her Daddy ask me for things that he is capable of doing on his own, and my response to his laziness is that I am not his Mother, and will not baby him or take care of him in that same way. He can do some things for himself!

On the other hand, she has also been repeating things she has NO IDEA what they mean, and although its funny, she has no idea what she's trying to say.

And sometimes, neither do we.

Like when we were driving home from visiting family:

S: "Mom. I'm shoving it. Do you like when I shove it?"
Me: "Huh? You're shoving what? What are you talking about?"
S: "Ha Ha I love to shove it!"

It took us quite awhile to realize what she was talking about. Apparently she had overheard us adults messing around with each other, and one telling the other to "Go shove it!"

Thankfully, THAT one didn't come out in the same context!

Oh, kids!!


  1. That's hilarious! My daughter is 4 now, and we really do have to watch what we say around her since she is now old enough to use things in the correct context!