07 August 2013

19 Months

Dear L:

Another month has passed us by. You are now closer to two than you are to one. Which makes my mommy heart grow sadder all the time. The baby in you is completely gone these days. You really are turning into a little man!

As each day passes, you are talking more and more. You communicate a lot with Mommy, combining your few words with grunts and pointing and looks of frustration when I clearly don't understand the point you are trying to make. But we always figure it out. Obviously, you are good at talking with your sister -- because she tells me what you want ALL the time. And usually, she is right!

Speaking of your sister, you two are becoming the best of friends. And the worst of enemies! I can never tell what the day will hold. Some days, you are both scheming up evil plans, and carrying them out for all the world {or just me} to see. Other days, you guys are figuring out how much you don't like this little thing called sharing. No matter what there is to fight over, you do it. I just let you work it out ... unless it becomes physical.

Sleep has been an issue for us lately, too. You're still sleeping pretty good at night, but have decided you want to fight going to bed on your own again. We have stuck to the same routine -- story and rocking at 730pm. Lights out, and hugging crib-side. I lay you down, kiss you and give you your stuffed animal. And leave. The leaving part is your least favorite. You scream. Cry. And put up a major fight. But I have figured out, again, that I just have to let you do your thing. I come back and calm you down  every five to ten minutes, and within a few visits you finally decide its okay to quiet down and go to sleep. But not before you leave your mommy completely frazzled, thats for sure.

But you know what? I love you. More than anything. So if I have to keep reassuring you that I have not left, that's just what I'll do. Whatever it takes to mold you into a well-adjusted, independent, loving human being. That's all I want for you!

I Love You, Little Man!


  1. He has such a sweet face! :)

  2. Hi! Found your blog via walkabout. I love reading mom's posts on their kiddos monthly stats. It's always so cute to capture these tid bits of their lives. I have a feeling sh!t is going to be on my daughter's word list in a few months too! I better cut back saying it now!