06 August 2013

Have Books, Will Travel

All summer, our kids were active in the local base summer reading program.

Each week, we went to story time, listened to the themed books and made the projects. So this week, we had the end of the program summer party!

We all got together at the park on base -- they had some larger kid-size games [life size checkers and connect four], hula hoops, and the playground for anyone to run around.

There were snacks and drinks and cupcakes. Freeze pops and lollipops.

But for us? The highlight was the fire department.

They have been sort of a sponsor of the program on base -- each week, they came out to story time and read stories, set up a puppet show with songs about fire safety, and interacted with all the kids. Its been great. So for the party, they brought out their mascot, Sparky, as well as a LARGE fireman and two of their trucks!

S and L both ran for Sparky when they saw him -- they wanted hugs and to talk to him the whole time we were there. Some kids are scared of people in costumes ... our kids never want to leave them alone!! Its too funny. And as soon as they saw the firetruck, they HAD to climb inside!!

We had a great time -- even if it was outside ... in the sun ... when it was 94 degrees and close to lunch time.

I am so glad we went!!


  1. adorable! your kids look so happy! My daughter also has no fear when it comes to people in costumes. She loves them!

  2. That's a HUGE game of connect 4 haha.

  3. Very cool!!! We had a story time here also, but we never went. I'll have to try next summer!