08 August 2013

I Hope We Survive This Childhood

I recently read a post over here about having two kids so close together, going through some rather interesting ages at the same time.

And I laughed.

I laughed until I couldn't breathe.

Not because I thought it was a joke, or because she was way off. But because I could completely commiserate with her.

See, my kids are the same way ... and at pretty similar ages/stages.

S is three and a half ... going on 17 most days. Although she hasn't perfected the eye-roll, she is a master at mumbling things under her breath, as well as slamming doors. Its not uncommon for her to get in trouble and be sent to her room, only to hear her mumbling things like "Nobody likes me ... this sucks ... my life is HORRIBLE!" and then slamming her bedroom door.

A couple times.

You know, for good measure.

And L?

Well ... he's 110% all boy. He's dirt and grime and teenage appetite, mountain climber and neanderthal all rolled into one.

He has recently figured out that he can scream like a wild banshee, at ear piercing decibels, for all the world to hear. And throwing temper tantrums, though currently short lived, seem to be an art form of his.

Its actually rather funny to watch: he'll throw something extra hard onto the carpet, or shut a cupboard door harder than you would expect. Huff and puff a bit, and then look up at you, to see if you have noticed.

And these two together?! Madness. Chaos. A three-ring circus. And World War 3 all rolled into one, at times. When they are happy, they are cavorting around together, dreaming up evil schemes to be enacted upon whomever else happens to be around -- usually me.

S is a ringleader ... and L her evil henchman. She dreams up things she knows will get them in trouble. And waits for L to follow along, knowing that he's just a little smaller, and less sneaky, and chances are he'll be the one caught and scolded.

{Little does she know -- I know how her mind works. And lately, they both have been getting punished!}

When they are fighting, its like two wild dogs. They scream at each other, try to hurt each other, push and bite, steal toys. And over silly things. Like who is sitting up front in the bath tub. Who gets the Mickey Mouse coloring book [even though there are two] and who is going to throw away the garbage leftover from their snacks.

I knew motherhood was going to be exhausting at times. And I know, no mother is fully prepared for whats to come. But let me just say this:

If THIS is what life is like now, at 1 & 3, I can only imagine what its going to be like at 16 and 18. And I don't think ANYONE is prepared for that ....


  1. So funny!

    My 4 year old told my hubby the other day that she "hated him" because he made her come inside to take a bath. I was like, "seriously?!" If this is a glimpse into her teenage years, I'm thinking about sending her to boarding school! lol.

  2. Haha, they remind me so much of my niece and nephew.

  3. Oh my goodness - did you sneak into my house and write about my kids?!?!?! ;)

  4. haha! My sister and I are three years apart and I specifically remember giving my mom hell. I remember being the ringleader as well since I was the older child. Im sure it will get better!

  5. Oh wow! You've got your hands full but what fun!