20 July 2013

Nothing Like a Wrench Thrown in Our Plans

Its amazing how one little thing can ruin a whole day's worth of plans.

All week long, the husband and I were planning on going out on Friday night. Me with a few girls to a country bar in Raleigh. Really just to get out, without the kids or husband, for some fun.

And he was going out with a few guys to a strip club for some fun, as well. {And no ... I don't mind that he goes. It has never bothered me. He dated a stripper before we met ... he knows what its like and all about, and it doesn't appeal to him. If he wanted it, he could have it. He passed!}

He was supposed to get off work early. We were going to hit the gym in the afternoon together. Grab some dinner on the way home. Relax for a bit together. And then, after putting the kids to bed, go our separate ways while my father in law sat at our house.

None of that went down the way we hoped.

Instead, he texted me bright and early that he wasn't getting off early. And was pulling hospital duty, instead. With no idea when he would be home. Might be 330pm {usual end of work day}, could be 530pm {usual change of shift for the dorm officers} or it might be later.

So I went to the gym in the morning. Without him.

I ordered dinner -- and went to pick it up with the kids. Without him.

We sat down and ate dinner. Got showers and baths and relaxed before bed. Without him.

And neither of us got a night out. The girls decided they were going to shut the club down {at 2am} and thats just not my lifestyle anymore. Especially when I have kids that wake up at 630am ... Getting 3 hours of sleep and then functioning? No thanks.

He finally came home from work at 730 -- he reheated his pizza. Sat in his recliner, turned on the tv and we hung out in the living room together.

And then we went to bed at a normal time.

We may be old now a days ... but its okay. At least we're old together. And we can thank his lovely job for reminding us of that!


  1. I love nights at home...we are old too haha.

  2. The appeal of going out isn't so appealing anymore for us either! A "wild night out" for us is putting our child to bed at 8 instead of 9 and getting buzzed off some wine and beer. lol. We're normally in bed by 11 at the latest. lol.

  3. I don't remember the last time we stayed out past 10:00 on a date night. We're old too!