22 July 2013

5 for Five

Whew, what a week we had. We started and ended last week on an extra long work day for the husband. But the weekend finally made it. It was lowkey. Way too hot. And pretty uneventful around here.

M took S out with him Saturday morning while L and I ran a few errands. He was easy to please, only wanting to buy a new ball! I got S's toybox deep cleaned, which really needed it, and did a lot in the kitchen. I managed to freeze all the corn, blueberries, cherries, yellow squash, and diced peppers from the farm. As well as some shredded turkey from our dinner the other night. I love being able to enjoy fresh vegetables {and fruit} even when they aren't in season!


** The girls have decided to put the link-up on hold for the remainder of the summer. With vacations and busy schedules right now, its a lot to deal with. But honestly, this list/link-up is what's been holding me accountable ... and with a few projects looming in my head, I really need this. So I won't be linking up with anything, obvoiusly ... but you can still expect my weekly goals and accountability each Monday morning!! **

Last week's goals were: 

1. Read another chapter in my book
2. Deep Clean L's Bedroom.
3. Mail out my Cara Box! 
4. Get in 3 workouts and cardio at the gym
5. Get rid of all the boxes laying around the kitchen

4/5. Its the reading. Yea -- we're back to that again. I don't know what its going to take. Other than a swift kick in the butt. Or someone sitting on me to hold me down until I start reading. But overall, it was a good week.

Onto this week's goals:

1. Read a chapter in my book -- keep chugging along until the book is DONE!
2. Donate all the stuff accumulated in the kitchen corner
3. Deep Clean the Master Bedroom
4. Attend the End-of-Summer-Reading Party
5. Pack for our weekend visit to Jacksonville

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. Good job on the goals 4 out of 5 is awesome! :)