19 July 2013

Too Many Babies = Not Enough Shopping

Clearly, S has been paying attention to just how expensive it can be to raise a child these days.

The other day, as she was playing with her babies, she proclaimed:

S: I don't want 4 babies in my belly.
Me: Why not? 
S: Because. If I have to put 4 babies to bed, I won't be able to go shopping.

Not only because she'll have no time for herself, but four babies?! Those bills start to add up. We only have two, and already I can see dollar signs when I look at the kids as we walk through Target.

It will be interesting to see how she feels when she gets a little older -- if she'll still  feel the same way, or if she'll change her mind and want to be a professional mom someday. Either way, I'll make sure to remind her that with 4 babies, she won't be able to go shopping!