19 June 2013

Raising a Nurturing Man

Lately, there is a bit of an on-going "debate" of sorts in our house.

You see -- L has a doll of his sister's that he just *loves* to tote around. M hates it. But I see nothing wrong with it.

My husband thinks its making L look like a little sissy, whereas I think the harmless behavior is doing nothing more than showing him how to be a good dad when the day comes.

He doesn't dress it, or rock it. Doesn't feed it, like his big sister does. Its just, sort of...there. Tucked beside him as he goes from room to room. There are other toys he plays with. Ones that he plays more in depth with, in fact.

So why do I encourage his behavior? Simple.

Because I want my son to grow up to be a hands on dad. To be loving and nurturing, caring and kind. To be the dad that kisses boo-boos and reads bedtime stories, gives baths and tucks his babies into bed at night. To be the kind of husband that helps his wife out, not because he feels like he should, but because he wants those moments alone with his babies.

My husband was raised differently, and that's okay. He is a wonderful dad in his own right. And honestly, I was raised by a Dad much like my husband. And that's okay --- I still love my dad and have wonderful memories of him.

But I want something different for my son.

And if that means giving him a baby doll to play with, then by all means, play on, little man!!


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