20 June 2013

A-Boating We Will Go

S was so excited recently when she found out her Pappy had bought a boat.

In her eyes, she was finally getting to go on a "big boat" like Mommy and Daddy did for their "big date" -- she is still talking about the week we were gone!

Little did she know, the boat was a small two-seater John boat for fishing in the pond. But she could care less!!

We picked out some life vests for the kids, dropped the boat in the pond the other night, and all took a turn cruising around, so the kids could get a feel for it.

I was actually concerned about L on the boat. He's a bit of a wild man -- and I thought for sure he would get wild out on the water, too. And either try to dive in, or get in the middle of the pond and freak out, screaming until we got him off.

But I'm happy to say -- he did neither. He was mellow, more so than usual. And just hung out between my legs, watching as we went around. He was smiling, too -- so I know it wasn't that he was hating life at the moment. Although, he was slightly intrigued by the back up oars we had, which probably took up most of his attention!

Whatever works.

S is already asking ... more like begging ... to be able to go out again this week. I guess she doesn't realize what a chore it was just to drive the boat back in the field and put it in the pond for just a 5 minute troll around ... but hey, if it makes that girl that happy, looks like we'll be out on the pond a bunch this summer!


  1. My husband has a little 2 seated canoe that my 3 year old thinks is the absolute coolest thing ever! Lol.