21 June 2013

Giving Her Ears a Workout

The other day, L was having a rough time after naps. He woke up seemingly happy. But clearly, it was a ruse. He only wanted to be held, and if I stopped and set him down to do anything, he let the world know he was upset.

When M came home from work, he and S were curled up watching some tv in the living-room. They had a funny little conversation about L and all his crying.

S.: L ... cut that out. I don't want to hear you crying anymore ... it's all you ever do.
M.: Does he cry a lot, S.?
S.: All the time. From 6 in the morning until all day long.
M.: All day long? Really?
S.: Yes. And it's even worse when you are working!
S. {to L.} - Boy ... you are giving my ears a workout. Now ... please! Just STOP!

I was in the kitchen getting the rest of dinner ready. And could not stop laughing when M. told me about their conversation. Granted, L doesn't cry all day every day ... heck, most of the time, he's off playing with S. somewhere in the house. But apparently, in her mind, he had spent too much of the day crying, and it was on her last nerve.

I can only imagine the things they will be talking about when they are teenagers!!