25 May 2013

May Monthly Movie Date

Before we had L, getting a sitter to watch just one relatively mellow child was pretty easy. My father in law would come over, M and I would go catch a movie, and maybe even dinner, and come home to S either winding down and snuggling, or already in bed.

L is too wild for that, though ... and quite attached to his Mama! So we don't get date nights very often. In fact, we have only been out alone 4 times since L was born almost 17 months ago. Safe to say, we value our date nights.

L is finally getting to the point where he recognizes his bedtime routine, and goes down without a fight. And is sleeping through the night most nights! Which is a total blessing. It means that soon, we could probably start going to a late movie, and just having someone sit in our living room and watch tv, just in case.

If we were going to a movie tonight, here's a few we might go check out:

Pain and Gain 

Fast and Furious 6 

The Hangover Pt 3 

The Great Gatsby 

And you know what?! We still have YET to see any on our go-see list from two months ago! So sad! I *need* to see Snitch. Dwayne Johnson is *my man* [and the husband knows it] -- and he has a string of good films coming out this summer! Be still my heart!

In fact, we just might be getting a sitter so we can go check out a movie tonight!! What's on your list of summer must-see blockbusters?!


  1. We haven't been to the movies since we saw Les Mis in December. So Sad haha.

  2. Just saw Fast and Furious 6 last weekend! IT WAS AWESOME! J and I LOVE movies and go AT LEAST twice a month, more often after birthdays and Christmas because we always get giftcards.