14 March 2013

Monthly Movie Date

Before M. and I had kids, we loved to go to the movies.

Although we were free to go, do and see whatever and whenever we wanted, we were often with friends or family members. Doing something.

So our time at the movies was our guarenteed time alone.

And even after S. was born, we made sure to line up my father in law to babysit once a month so we could get out for dinner and a movie.

But now that we have two, and L. is quite wild, its harder for my father in law to watch them for a prolonged period of time.

So our dates? Few.

And VERY far between.

So far, in fact, we have only been on a handful of dates since L. was born, almost 14 months ago. And only when we are visiting with my parents -- whether its at their house or ours. And since L. still nurses and refuses a bottle, I have to be home to put him to bed. So movies have pretty much been out of the question. I'm pretty sure I've been to the movie theater twice since January 2012. The Lucky One and Taken 2.

L's getting older, weaning from nursing, and gaining some more independence, so hopefully the dates can start up again in the near future.

But for now, a girl can dream about a night away, in a dark theater, watching a newly released movie with her husband. If we were in a theater right now, these are some of the movies we might be watching:

Identity Thief


Zero Dark Thirty


What about you -- what movies are at the top of your list? Anything you can't wait to see? I'd love to see Safe Haven as well, since I've read the book and enjoyed it. But I'll think I'll wait to rent that. I can only stand so many faked gags from the husband as he rolls his eyes over the sap and romance!


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