12 March 2013

Time for a New Doctor

About a month ago, I had an infection and needed to get it treated. It was early stages, and I knew exactly what was going on. But it was the weekend, so I waited one day and called the doctor first thing Monday morning.

It was the worst experience of my life, that phone call was.

I clearly understand why some adult doctor's offices do not like children in the back. They can be a distraction -- both to the physician AND to the parent trying to be seen.

And our doctor's office just so happens to be one of those places.

But I was in a bind, and willing to do whatever they wanted me to do in order to be seen. I needed antibiotics -- and as soon as possible to get taken care of. I knew all that needed to be done was a simple test, that didn't even require the doctor. A nurse could take care of it in two seconds. And then I would be left waiting, anyways.

So after explaining that I had NO ONE to watch my two children during their working hours for the next few DAYS, but was desperate to be seen, I asked if it would be possible to take the test, and then wait in the waiting room for the results that I KNEW would be positive, and get a prescription.

They denied that.

With an attitude.

So I asked if there was ANYTHING I could do to be seen that day ... with my children in tow. If maybe they could make the tiniest exception.

Again, no.

Again, bigger attitude.

Their only solution? I wait and sit while the infection gets worse and worse, and more and more uncomfortable, until Thursday, when my husband would be off work for the day. Four days of an infection, that if worse, could lead to fevers, organ infections, etc.

So I hung up and tried to keep my cool.

A little while later, I called back and asked if they could submit for a referral from Tricare, since they would not see me that day, to go to an Urgent Care.

Again, they refused. Their reasoning?

They offered me an appointment, and it was my choice to refuse it. I tried to explain again and again that they really DIDNT offer me an appointment that day. That they gave me one at the end of the week but I needed to be seen that day. They still wouldn't budge. They were sticking to their guns -- they offered. I refused. That was their story.

They told me to drop my kids at the base CDC [child development center] and come in, or hang up the phone.

For starters -- our local base CDC is always booked to capacity. Secondly, they have a waiting list, and we are not, nor have we ever, been on the list. And third -- we aren't active duty stationed to the base! So I dont even know if we can even UTILIZE the CDC. Even though we do have Tricare, it doesn't mean that we have access to every organization on the base that an Active member can use. We are retired.


So I told the woman on the phone that I was taking the matter up with Tricare myself, and they had just lost a patient.

Even longer story short -- I called Tricare. Explained everything. They couldn't believe that a doctor would turn away a patient clearly in need of care over something so trivial. And they gave me a referral immediately over the phone. I was able to go to Urgent Care right away and get treated. They were great about my kids -- and even played with them!! When they asked why I wasnt able to see my personal doctor that day, I explained what happened, briefly. Even that doctor was shocked. And a little ticked off that a medical PROFESSIONAL had treated a patient in such a manner. But I was able to get my prescription, and within a few days I was better.

I will never return to that doctor's office. We have been having issues with them for the longest time -- it was only a matter of time before it came down to us leaving them. Which makes me sad, because we really love their lead nurse, who handles a lot of the office's business. She really is great.

But I won't allow anyone to treat me that way, no matter what degree they hold. No matter how important or high and mighty they think they might be.

So this week -- we are finding a family-friendly, Tricare-approved doctor. I already have my eye on someone that I've heard nothing but good things about. And even better -- her office is much closer to our home than any other offices in town.


  1. That's insane!!! I am glad you found someone to treat you. And I have never been to a dr. that doesn't allow children???? Maybe I just never asked? If they gotta come, they gotta come!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. Go figure -- we thought we had found someone. Now she says she isn't taking new patients. But we're still on the hunt.

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    1. Thank you for the nomination -- I was recently nominated by another blog and have filled out the form/questions over this past weekend in a post. : ]

  3. That is absolutely CRAZY!
    I don't have children, but I'm a nanny. I work 8:15-6:15 M-Th & with another family on Fridays.
    I don't have time to make personal appointments during the week without my charges coming with, or me taking unpaid time off.
    If I had that type of emergency and someone told me I wouldn't bring my charges with me, I would be just as pissed as you were.
    Luckily my doctor practices family medicine and also sees children at her office.

    I am absolutely baffled as to why they would treat you that way.
    I really hope there is some sort of repercussions for their actions.


    1. We definitely need to find a family medicine doctor. Unfortunately the doctor we wanted isnt taking new patients, but the hunt is on!

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  5. Holy cow! That is insane. And, makes me super nervous. I have a wonderful doctor here, but I hear so many horror stories about TriCare doctors it makes me apprehensive about moving. What an unprofessional ass!

    1. I loved when we were able to be seen on base. Even though the base we live near isnt the one we were stationed to, I was able to be seen by the doctors at the clinic. When we got out, although we kept our tricare, obviously, that all changed. Dealing with civilian doctors who accept tricare can be a total PITA! Thankfully, I don't go to the doc that often! So I have some time to look around.