24 May 2013

Thank You, Dear S!

Dear S:

Thank you.

Thank you for licking me the other morning on the couch. And then laughing about it. If I wanted to be licked all the time, I would have bought you kids a dog. Now I have to walk around smelling your morning breath on my arms ...

Thank you for climbing in my lap. I thought you were being sweet and wanted to read a story. So of course I obliged. I opened the book ... and you opened up. And farted on me. Again, you laughed. And then got up and took off running. Apparently, the book was just a good distraction from your real motive.

Thank you.

Thanks for snuggling up next to me at dinner. You were talkative and sweet. And funny. You had mommy laughing at the silly little things you were saying. And then I looked down and realized every time I laughed, you were stealing bites of my dinner ... and now my chicken was GONE! I got none .. and you got an extra helping. Sneaky little girl. So thank you -- for keeping my eating habits in check.

Thank you for waking up early this week. For hollering at me from your room, at the top of your lungs, and waking up your brother, too. Of course I come running when I hear screeching. If only it was a real issue. But you being up early meant that I got housework done early ... and therefore we were able to play more. So thanks.

Thank you.

Thank you for being funny. And silly. And sweet. For being so innocent in the wild world we live in. And for being my little girl.

Thanks, especially, for being my little girl .
Love, Your Mama!


  1. So sweet! That picture of her is awesome.

  2. But she is worth it, look at that face! :) Too cute.

    NGF from http://doublethalove.blogspot.ca