03 May 2013

Friday Funnies

She clearly didn't like her brother sharing a ride with her!! 

I'm sure by now, M and I are having a wonderful time on our cruise. Being that it's Friday, we've had all of our island excursions, and are now enjoying two more days at sea, catching some shows, hitting up the giant water slide, and relaxing poolside with our kindle and magazines!

And I'm sure the kids are back at home, getting spoiled.

But I know, deep down, we are all missing each other. I'm ready to wrap my arms around both of them, and hear them excitedly yell, MOMMY, when they see me for the first time at the airport. I know within a few days from then, I'll probably be right back to rolling my eyes every time they fight. But until then, I'll enjoy the little moments!!

So onto this week's funny moment:


We were riding in the car, when the radio station started talking about different family situations. One caller was talking about how many kids she had [and probably wise-cracking about how bat shit crazy they make her, since it was Mike and Mike in the morning].

Hence where this conversation came from!

S: Mommy ... how many babies do you have?
Me: I have two -- you and London.
S: No ... you have three!
Me: Really? How's that?
S: Daddy -- he's a big baby!

Well ... she has a very valid point. As much as we all love M, he can be a bit of a big man-child sometimes always! At least S can recognize that already!


What cute and funny things are your little ones spouting off this week?


  1. Haha that picture speaks volumes, I love it.