02 May 2013

A Throwback Thursday

I thought a little fun throwback Thursday post would fill in some time while we are away. Today we should be venturing to our last destination, Aruba! We won't be there until later in the evening, as they've deemed it our "Party location" so we'll see how that goes!

So here, for your viewing pleasure -- my [MUCH] younger days!

Ahh -- the days of bathing in the kitchen sink. Apparently, I was hungry?! Although I look like I clearly could have skipped a meal or five!

Again -- what were they feeding me?! Because honestly, I was only about 6 months old here. And almost 20 lbs. 

Ha Ha This was as close to a real dog as we ever got. I remember as a kid always begging for pets ... we got cats when I was a bit older ... but otherwise, no dog. Maybe it was this dog's fate that ruined it all? Those two boys were fighting incessantly over the damn thing and it went flying out a second story window. The younger of the brothers? Yea -- he almost went out with it. 

I guess at one point during our childhood we got along? Or we were forced to pretend? That's more likely the case. We never did "enjoy" each other until long after he moved out, and I grew up. I think he secretly [or not so secretly, as the case may be] harbored animosity over the fact that I "stole" their playroom for my bedroom once I was born. Oh well -- go play in the drive way! ; ]

Oh boy, that pool. I don't think it lasted too long. No one in our family knew how to swim ... hence why it was about 3.5 feet deep and above ground. And why, even though my brother could clearly STAND and be above water in the thing, he was still being forced by our parents to strap on a live preserver! I seriously can't stop laughing! A while later, a cat got in it and tore up the liner -- and that was the final straw. Gone were the days of swimming pools! 

Holy ....! The family church photo. I don't know what's worse. The HUGE bib front on that dress? My raggy looking hair [although I guarantee at one point it was neatly brushed and done up!]? My brother's straight edged bangs and oversized glasses?! Man ... we should have won first prize for dorks of the year. At least ... looking back! I'm sure in 1992 everyone was dressed this way ... My how the times have changed! 

Plaid dress. Saddle Shoes. Blue tights. Enough said. 

Kindergarten school photo day. 1991. 
And yes -- that paisley/floral-y "thing" was a jumpsuit. With a coordinating top. 

Seriously, you guys. If the 90's fashion choices ever come back in full swing ... I'm locking my doors and never stepping foot out in public. What a total eye sore!! 

Hope you laughed as much as I did!! [I probably laughed more ... because I also saw the horrible "awkward" stage photos that DIDN'T get posted!!] 


  1. These are sooooooo cute!!! :) I love baby pictures. :)