01 May 2013

Airport Pick Up

In order for the husband and I to get away for our "honeymoon" without the kids in tow, my parents offered to come stay with them at our place for the duration of the cruise.

And they decided to fly in a couple days early to actually get to spend at least a few hours with us before we head out for Miami to board the ship.

The kids always get excited going to the airport. S knows exactly what we are doing there -- the whole ride up, all I hear is "Mimi and Papa are coming! We're going to get them. They are going to sleep at MY house!!!"

L ... well, I'm sure he'd say the same thing if he was more vocal. Instead he just sings and screams and giggles.

I try to get there a few minutes early so the kids can run around and play before loading BACK into a car and driving another hour. They have this nice little rest area just outside the terminals/security with a Starbucks and some arrival screens.

The kids can go crazy ... and I can let them.

What's even more cool is that they have a camera that broadcasts live on a tv in the waiting area -- as you are waiting, you can watch and see when your visitors have arrived. And be able to get up from your seat and walk over to the actual "exit" from security to greet them.

We love it ... except the fact that every single person S sees on the screen, she gets super excited and declares that Mimi and Papa are there! I don't know how many times I had to tell her "S. Mimi has a white face honey." "Papa isn't in a wheelchair, girl!" "They aren't bringing a baby for you to play with ... that's not them!"

Finally ... we saw them, and ran to greet them!

It had been too long, indeed!


  1. Airport visits are always exciting. Cute pictures. :)

  2. OMG how fun!!! And tell me all about your cruise! Where are you going? Ship? Islands? Tell me everything!

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