04 May 2013

Debden Park

Last week, I wanted to mix things up, so I took the kids to a different park.

As we drove across town, heading for base, S kept asking where we were going. I had initially wanted to surprise her -- but the girl knows how to bug an answer out of you. So I told her where we were headed -- and she got the biggest smile.

We originally hit up a park there that I had never been to. And didn't know what to expect. If I had, I never would have stopped there.

All the equipment was too "old" for the kids -- and I was really afraid L was going to high-dive off a platform at any moment. It seemed like every corner, set of stairs, and obstacle led to an opening for monkey bars, ladders, and the sort.

This mama's nerves were a WRECK, I tell you!

So I let the kids eat their snack on the picnic tables they had, and we loaded back into the car to go to the other side of base, where there is another playground.

They were happy. I let them both take off their socks and shoes and just run and play. Granted, I still had to follow closely behind L. There were a couple openings for ladders, and a few straight-drop slides that were a little too steep for him. But otherwise, they were free to go.

My only gripe about this playground?

These "steps" that lead to a lot of the different parts of the structure.

They are great for the older kids ... and I guess maybe the playground is geared towards them? If that's the case -- then they really should build something with smaller kids [3 and under] in mind. They like to play outside, too, you know!

L's poor little legs kept slipping through the openings and getting stuck. Which ultimately led him to crying and freaking out until Mom could come to the rescue.

Eventually, he got better at them, and seemed to master the steps barefoot ... and even figured out which slides he liked and which ones to steer clear of.

The one thing he REALLY didn't like? The sound of the jets taking off. The playground is RIGHT across the street from the flight line ... and although there is a small covering of trees so you can't see them, exactly, you can hear and feel the rumble as they taxi or land.

Call me crazy -- but I find it comforting. Peaceful, almost. In a strange sort of way. I guess because I know what they ultimately represent.

But the kids? They weren't too keen ... and after a few take offs near lunch time, they BOTH were asking if we could leave.

I obliged ... but promised that we will be back again soon!


  1. Yeah those steps are weird, looks like a fun time though. :)

  2. Love this post and the great pictures. It looks like such a pretty park and area.