06 April 2013

Happy Birthday, M

Today, I wish a Happy Birthday to the man who: 

stood beside me almost 5 years ago, and said "I do" when the rest of the world said we should wait.

wined me and dined me, even after the wedding, just because.

showed me a love I had never known before. 

To the man who:

 Is willing to move mountains any distance to provide for his family. 

Helped me welcome home our first little love.

Helped nurture her. 

Showed me a beautiful unconditional bond. 

To the Man who:

Is always willing, even if not at first, to do all the family things you are "supposed to" -- just to make the memories.

Protects me from all monsters, big and small. 
Including driveway-invading snapping turtles. 

Continued to grow our family along with me.
To the Man who: 

Helped me welcome home our second little love. Loved him, Protected him, Nurtured him, and Cared for him. Unconditionally. 

Happy 29th Birthday, to the Man I am proud to call my Husband. 

I love you, M. I hope you have the best day ever! 
[And remember ... no matter how old I may get, you are always that much older!!] 


  1. Aww Happy Birthday! I hope he has a wonderful day. :)

  2. I love this!! Happy birthday hubby!!