05 April 2013

Friday's Funnies!

Is it really Friday already?!

This week has gone by so fast! We had beautiful weather Monday and Tuesday, and spent our afternoons running around barefoot outside, chasing frisbees and digging in the dirt.

The tail end of the week brought in the rain, and cooler weather. But we made the most of it. Before we know it, we'll be complaining of the humidity and 100 degree days, so we might as well try to enjoy each day as it comes.

S: Pappy can't eat bacon cause he has a rib.
Me: Yep. Pappy's doctor said no bacon.
S: My doctor didnt say that ... so I'm going to eat some bacon!

S: Mommy ... what about this dress?
Me: Nope ... sorry honey. It's pretty but it wouldn't fit mommy. It's not my size.
S: Is that because you are getting fat?!
[I couldn't get mad -- she has overheard me saying it lately. and she meant it so innocently. I just told her she was correct and kept right on going. Too bad all the people in the store heard and didn't think it was so innocent.]


I really need to get better about carrying some paper and a pen around with me -- or something. There were a few other moments this week where she had me busting up laughing! Sadly, now that it's time to write it all down, I can't remember exactly what we were talking about -- just that she clearly made my sides ache! Such a sweet -- yet silly -- little girl!