07 April 2013

Baking with Mom

Last week, we [and by we, I mean me] got the hankering for something sweet.

I had a few things in the pantry, so we decided to make some chocolate cupcakes. S was really excited that I was baking, and wanted to help me out.

We measured out the ingredients.

Added the wet stuff. And then I stirred it just enough so there wouldn't be any dry mix flying around the kitchen. And then I handed over the reigns.

When it was all good and mixed, we poured it into the muffin tins, let them bake and then cool. And once they were done, we mixed together some homemade vanilla frosting, but flavored it with a pouch of the new Duncan Hines Flavor Creations.

They may be made to go with their own Duncan Hines frosting, but we don't eat canned frosting in this house!

So we had chocolate cupcakes with strawberry shortcake flavored frosting! They were really good -- and my little helper loved her special time in the kitchen!


  1. How fun! I have such great memories of baking with my mom. :)