08 April 2013

5 for Five

Another Monday, right?!

Now that M is working a five-day work week, the weekends really seem to fly by! And this weekend was no exception. The weather was gorgeous, so we tried to spend a lot of time outside. And we spent much of Saturday celebrating M's birthday. Hello, final year of his 20's!!

Sunday we were originally going to take the kids to this great park that we had discovered in Raleigh, but at the last minute, M's friends and their parents called to say they were making him lunch for helping them move a refrigerator for them. Since he can't tell people no, or let them down gently, we cancelled the park trip and went over to their house for lunch. But at least it was a meal that I didn't have to cook or clean up after!!


Last week, I had the following goals:

1. Drink More Water. Sadly, I didn't do as well on this as I would have hoped. I actually forgot it was one of my goals for the first part of the week. Whenever I did remember, I made a good effort,  and had a couple successful days. But really, I fell flat. Guess we need to work on it some more.

2. Make the Switch To Whole Grains. Completely. Absolutely!! This was easy, really. I bought whole wheat pasta. 100% whole wheat and whole grain bread. Even bought wheat biscuits. The only cheat we had was our pizza dough this week. But as soon as I can find a good recipe, most of our pizza will be homemade on whole wheat crust anyways. And I *really* want to bust out the bread-machine, too.

3. Clean Out the Sand/Water Table. I kept meaning to buy the sand, but the day I planned on cleaning and filling the table, it wound up raining all day. And we never were able to go outside. Since I need to clean it with some bleach water, it will need to sit and dry for a bit before I put the sand back in. But this week? 70s and 80s and sunny all week. It WILL get done.

4. Start Drafting Up Menus and Plans for my Parents. Done and taken care of. Some of it is still in an email to my mom, so I need to get it transferred over to the notebook I have going. But its almost complete!

5. And On That Note: Head to Base Legal For A Will. We actually didn't need a will. We just got a POA for the time that we will be gone, and listed my mom as executor. So glad that is taken care of.

3 out of 5. Pretty decent week!

This week's goals:

1. Drink More Water. Again, this is a big part of making the move from sodas and other sugary drinks, and more towards a clean eating diet. Even if I can't kick it completely, I can stop drinking 3-4 large glasses a day and replace some of that with water.

2. Clean out the Sand/Water Table. The kids have loved playing in the dirt -- but its not in a good spot on the yard. Near the barn -- and there are some nails sticking out of the wood and things that they could trip on. Not really the safest. So at least with this table, maybe they would still play and get dirty without the hazard?!

3. Spend at least an hour outside every day in the sun. It is going to be so beautiful this week. The 70s and 80s just about every day, and no predicted rain until Friday. And hopefully by then, it will have been pushed back a day or two, or not at all! I really want to take the kids to the park on base!

4. Call the Travel Agent about our Transportation. When we were there to finalize our boarding the other day, there was a glitch in their system as far as their public transportation from the airport to the boat. She was on the phone trying to get it fixed when we were there, but the wait time on customer service was ridiculous. So she said she would get it taken care of and call us. She never did -- so I need to follow up. I've paid for the service already ... so it needs to be taken care of.

5. Clean A Room A Day in Prep for My Parents. The house isn't exactly in shambles, per se, but it really needs a good cleaning. Especially since the kids manage to drag things everywhere from random places. Kitchen utensils in their closets. My makeup on the living room floor. Crayons in the bathroom. Little hands sure know how to make a big mess!

what are your goals this week? and remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. Good job meeting so many of your goals! And good luck meeting your goals this week. I should add one like your number 5- good way to get it done!