26 April 2013

Friday Funnies

This week sure was a busy one!

Monday we ran a few errands and managed to stay dry in between all the rain. We hit up the post office, stopped into the drug store for a soda counter treat, and picked up a few things for dinner that night. Tuesday and Wednesday we ran a bunch of errands, finalized just about everything for our trip this tomorrow, and spent some time outside when the sun was shining. Thursday, we got up bright and early, showered, ate some breakfast and headed to pick my parents up from the airport.

This vacation seems REAL now!A year in the making ... and now its only 24 hours away!

Today, we need to do a few things -- finish packing ALL THE LITTLE THINGS, and set all the things we will still use tonight and in the morning into one pile so we don't forget them. Do last minute laundry, and head to the store to get some groceries, so my folks know what the kids like to eat.

Can you tell I'm a little nervous leaving them for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER?! My heart is already breaking a little bit, and so many different scenarios have already gone through my head. What if L doesn't nap ... cries all the time ... what if either of the kids think we have left them?! And aren't coming back? What if they are mad at us when we do come back and don't anything to do with us?! Ugh. But, I know deep down, they will be okay. They are with their grandparents, who love and spoil them, and they will survive. Even if they have a rough day or two. And really, M and I need this time away, desperately.

So ... onto a little cute/funny moment from this week!


S sat down at an "internet sweepstakes" machine in my father-in-law's store. She kept pushing the buttons, and had the biggest grin on her face. I asked her what she was doing.

S: Ordering my money!
Me: Oh really?
S: Yea -- it's a money machine ... so I'm going to get what I want.
Me: And just how much money are you ordering?
S: $2!!!


She seemed rather pleased about $2 -- I guess when you are three, it still seems like a lot of money! I giggled a little, and told her while she was at it, could she try and "order" something for me ... to the tune of at least $100 ?! I mean, if you are going to get something from it, might as well make it a big wish, right?! I honestly think those machines are a serious waste of time [and money] but hey -- if they ignite my three year old's imagination, then so be it!


  1. Enjoy your vacation!!!! :)

  2. Enjoy your holiday :) I am also your newest follower from Aloha linky party :)

    Scudds x

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