27 April 2013

Our Honeymoon -- Five Years in the Making

You read that right ... we are finally going on a "honeymoon".

Just before our 5th wedding anniversary.

If you remember correctly, awhile back I did a little "intro" post of sorts, talking about how we met, how short of a time we were together before getting married, etc.

If you don't remember ... or weren't around then, you can check it out here.

Although we were relaxing and staying at a beautiful [family-owned] beach house on Ocean Isle Beach, and were just minutes away from Myrtle Beach ... it didn't really feel like much of a honeymoon.

Within 9 months, I was pregnant, and since then I've spent the rest of our married life either pregnant or nursing one of our two children.

Now that L is weaned and we have hit the 5 year mark, it's time for us to set sail.

So we are taking an 8 day cruise, without the kids, and getting away for some "us" time. Which we so desperately need. We are both absolutely looking forward to it -- and cannot wait for the sand and sun... and silence!!

I have a few posts scheduled for the days we will be gone. As always, comments are great -- and I'll reply to ALL of them, as always, as soon as we return!

And I'm sure I'll be back with tons of pictures and stories to share!!


  1. Enjoy your honeymoon. Should be a great time, they will take great care of you and give you a well earned break.

  2. Enjoy it!! :) You deserve it. :)

  3. awh yayayay! Excited for you guys!