16 April 2013

A Weekend Cook Out

Saturday was absolutely beautiful -- so the kids and I spent a good portion of our day outside. Playing. Fixing the Hummer [oops ... broken door sensor!] and enjoying the weather. At the last minute, we were invited to a birthday cookout for some of our friends! We couldn't pass it up -- these are the friends we *love* to spend time with the most because it's good clean fun, with absolutely no drama!! 

They were grilling up burgers and hot dogs when we got there, and there were a few other kids for our kids to play with for a little bit. S made a little friend and they ran around together for awhile, too -- until the end, when S told me she was being mean and didn't like that she wouldn't let S play with her own toys that we brought for her and L to use. 

Burgers ... Beer ... and some good ole corn hole! Nothing beats a weekend evening with friends! 


  1. Such a great evening! I love nights like that. :)