17 April 2013

This Momma Gets No Quiet Time

Yesterday started off as one of those days.

I slept great -- L slept from 730am until 4am ... so I was happy when he woke up briefly. I got up, hugged and rocked him for a moment and laid him back down.

I went to the living room for my quiet time. Got all comfortable, turned on the dvr and started to enjoy my morning routine.

Only ...

... it didn't last.

L was convinced that he didn't need to go back to sleep. And 4am was an okay time for a 15 month old to start the day, as well. I knew better -- without any more sleep, he would be the crankiest kid all morning.

But he's stubborn -- so try telling him that!

He screamed. And cried. And screamed some more. I kept going in to comfort him. Change his diaper. Cover him with a blanket. Trying my best to make him comfortable.

It went on for two hours. I even caved and tried to comfort nurse him. It worked long enough to quiet him down, but as soon as I unlatched him ... he was right back screaming.

So by 645, I was starting to get a headache listening to the noise. I scooped him up, took him to my room and laid down with him, hoping a little boob and some snuggles would help his tired little body relax.

No chance! He snuggled a few minutes, started playing around, and eventually popped up, more than ready for breakfast and playing with his sister.

And of course, a few moments after he sat up, I heard S calling for me from her bathroom. She had pooped.

Guess my quiet morning was non-existent. We'll try again tomorrow!

He's lucky he's so darn cute. And that I love him so much! It really is true what they say ...

[ photo from google search ] 


  1. Those years are tough, but when you look back at them you realize how quickly they fly by. When you are in those years it seems like it goes on forever. Just due to lack of sleep and time for yourself. Good luck on getting any personal time!


  2. I like the last picture! How true is that! It's all about what the babies want. (:

  3. I love that picture, just too cute!

  4. Early morning wake ups are the WORST! I was so happy when my kids got past that stage. 5am wake ups does not make for a happy mommy!

    Stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout!

  5. Ugh! I HATE early mornings wake ups! This momma needs her sleep!

  6. Oh gosh, those early mornings are always tough :/