15 April 2013

5 for Five

Well, Hello, Monday. Nice of you to grace us with your presence.


This past week was a complete joke ... and you'll see exactly what I mean in my goal recap in just a minute. Monday went fine -- two doctors appointments, some time outside in the sun, some play time at an indoor play center, and a few errands run. Tuesday? We were struck down with the crud. Carried into Wednesday. And Thursday. Finally, we were all better on Friday -- only to see the one crappy weather day we were going to get all week! Really?! We did some stocking up on a few things at the store, but otherwise, it was a pretty gloomy day inside. NOT a great week around here.


Last week, I had the following goals:

1. Drink More WaterNope. Didn't do it. No excuse ... just drank more than my fair share of Pepsi and Gatorade. That's all.

2. Clean out the Sand/Water Table. Didn't even get to a place that sold the sand. Nope.

3. Spend at least an hour outside every day in the sun. We actually could have been on track for this ... until Wednesday ... and Thursday ... oh yea ... and Friday. So ... Nope!

4. Call the Travel Agent about our TransportationThis is the only thing that got done ... and the one that pissed me off the most. I called. Got someone else in the office. Who was rude and snippy and took a message and then hung up on me. And the agent NEVER. CALLED. ME. BACK! Of course ... she called and left a message on my husband's phone, but that wasn't the instruction. Ugh.

5. Clean A Room A Day in Prep for My ParentsYea ... NOPE!

One. One goal this week ... and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I will never use this same travel agency ever again as long as we live! Mark my words!! Not only has she been horrible about keeping in contact with us [we booked this trip A YEAR AGO and never heard from her on ANYTHING unless we contacted her to ask when we needed to do things ... payment, preboarding ... nothing!] -- she also failed to divulge a little bit of info that would have been nice to know. We have now found out that the room we are booked into ... the room for our technical HONEYMOON ... has two TWIN BEDS! Seriously?! If she had done her job ... or better yet, if it had been ME doing the job, I would have said "Okay, this is what you are getting for that price. For this much more, you can have at least a double bed -- but the choice is yours!" Ya know!? Courtesy ...


Now onto this week's goals:

1. Clean. Clean, Clean, Clean.  Again, it didn't get done. If I can just surface clean, and get the place decluttered this week, then next week I can do the bigger stuff. Split the task in two, really.

2. Get to the Post Office and mail my Cara Box Package. If I don't write this down, it may get forgotten. Not because it's something worth forgetting ... but because my brain just doesn't work these days.

3. Shop Around Ahead of Time for Mom's Birthday Present. I am trying to shop small business/local business for most of our family gifts this year [minus the husband and kids ... because that's too difficult!] and already know what I'm getting her for Mother's Day. But I need to figure out what I want to get her for her birthday. Anyone have any businesses I should check out?! Shameless plugs ... and GO!

4. Put Away all out Winter Clothes and Shoes. Especially the pile in the kitchen. The kids clothes will be easy -- I just rotate them to the back of the closet and take out the pajamas. But the shoes in the kitchen, with sweatshirts and jackets on top of everything is a total pain in the butt. And its growing now ... because instead of cleaning it, all we did was throw our sandals and lightweather gear on top of it.

5. Get Our Suitcases Out and Start Packing. Yes -- I like to get this done ahead of time. My husband would pack everything an hour before we leave for the airport. But he would also get all the way through security and remember he forgot half of what he needed. This way, I can plan out outfits, make sure I have enough underwear clean and don't have to do a ton of laundry AT THE LAST SECOND, and that all the little things we don't use daily are remembered. Like make up and hair straightener, and those kinds of things.

And really -- packing two weeks early just makes it seem that much more ... real, ya know?! It's still hard to believe it is almost time for us to go!

what are your goals this week? and remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!