24 March 2013

Our Life with Less TV

recently, i was fed up with the amount of tv the kids were watching. whether or not i indulged them, they were always asking for cartoons. by they, i mean S. L loves some mickey mouse, but if the tv isn't on, he really could care less.

he just wants to play.

but his sister is becoming a lug. she just wants to lounge on the couch with her disney jr and waste the day away. i blame myself -- i used to use it as background noise when she was young and we were the only ones home. now, the house is loud enough on its own, and there is no need for the added stimulation.

kids need to play.

so i called the company and had them discontinue the cable box in our playroom. at first, S was a little upset, and even now, she keeps asking if the tv is fixed. when i tell her no, she laments that its sad, and it must be because we live in such an old, broken house.

[note: the house isn't broken. or old. our friends' is both ... she's overheard us talking about their repairing all the broken, non-working things. kids.]

but in just a week's time, i've already noticed quite a difference.

granted, the kids do spend a little more time in the living room then they were before. but even if they are in the room where the working tv is, they don't have it on as much. they still enjoy a few shows here and there. but for the most part, they are playing.

just like kids should.

 using their imaginations.
dreaming up alternative worlds.
pretending to be princes and princesses.
doctors and pirates.
monsters and mommies.

L is getting dragged around by his sister a lot.

go here.
do this.
don't touch that.

such a bossy big sister. but L doesn't really seem to mind too much. and i just sit back and enjoy -- because they are forming a deeper foundation for their lifelong friendship.

cancelling that cable box was such a good decision. and i look forward to seeing how it all plays out over the next few weeks and months as they get used to the playroom with a little less noise ...

and a little more imagination!


  1. Growing up, we didn't have cable until I was 8. We also didn't have a TV in our room or playroom. My sister is a CPA, so I think we turned out just fine.