25 March 2013

5 for Five

good monday morning, y'all!

this weekend was a wash, around here. literally. saturday was cool and gloomy. M went to visit a friend in the hospital, and the kids and i were home with little to do. we did a craft, cleaned up a bit, and started an organizing project. next time -- remind me not to start a project like that while the kids are awake. it was madness.

sunday, it did nothing but rain. all day. we ran to the grocery store for a few things, but otherwise spent the day around the house. i started trying out a new way to deal with the kids -- you can read about it later this week. but lets just say it is going to take some getting used to. and i just might be yelling into my pillow at the end of the day for the rest of the week.


last week's goals:

1.  Call the Cable Company. i can finally say this issue has been resolved, and will no longer be showing up on my 5 for Five. thankfully! i called. the woman was pleasant. the box was cancelled immediately -- the tv went fuzzy. and all within six minutes. now S is convinced that the tv is broken because we live in an old house [which isn't really that old ...]. if that's what gets her through the day!

2. Mail out my March Cara Box. check!!

3. Clean up the laundry room. i'm counting this you guys -- it's my list. i'll do what i want. i still need to sweep the floor up. and decorate [which will take some time]. but all the clothes are cleaned up out of there. it's like a brand new room. and has motivated me to actually fold the laundry as soon as it's done. who would have thought!!

4. Check out Kimpo Park on base. bummer. i was really looking forward to checking this place out. but all of a sudden, our weather has gotten so cold. who wants to sit around while their kids run and play in 40 degree weather. c'mon, north carolina ... what gives?! where are the 60 degree days we are so used to by now?

5. Plan out rainy day activities. we have a few ideas in the arsenal now ... in case the kids get a major bout of cabin fever when its gross outside. mini bowling in the kitchen. homemade finger paint. bath tub paint with shaving cream [which I already know to be successfully fun! and L doesn't try to eat it -- SCORE!!] the occasional movie -- but we aren't going to rely on those. sock puppets. dance parties. the list will hopefully continue to grow.

another week of 4/5. i really shouldn't complain. so i won't. : ]

onto this week's goals:

1. Cook All of our Meals at Home. we've been doing better about not eating out so much. but still were allowing ourselves a meal here or there ... especially when we are out running errands. i really want to start eating a little cleaner ... and this is going to be a step in that direction.

2. Cut Out All of L's Night Feedings. he has come a long way with the weaning. he doesn't ask for boob during the day. not even if he's fallen down and gotten hurt, or is upset. i wish it had been this easy when i tried to wean his sister back in the day. but night time? i think he makes up for all the feedings he isn't getting during daylight hours. because homeboy is up trying to nurse every 2-3 hours ... sometimes more. i've gotten better about only doing it twice -- around midnight and again around 4am. but this is it. this week is the week. he really isn't getting any milk -- i'm just about dried up. it's more of a comfort thing. so i need to get tough and just not give him any. a week or two and he should be used to it.

3. Read. Lots. i want to A.] aead a chapter a day for myself. out of whatever I can find to read. why IS IT that i just can't seem to get into the books on my kindle? i have a bad habit of looking ahead in each chapter to see how long it is, how many pages i have left until a "stopping point" -- and its harder to do on the kindle. i think that's my major drawback to that. B.] read to EACH of the kids at bedtime. a different story every night. S has been doing this for ages. but now that we are almost weaned, its time to start with L as well. C.] read to them out of their highlights magazines while they are in the bath. D.] and of course, get caught up on all of my blogs.

4. No Yelling for One Week. following suite from this blog, i am starting on my "journey" to yell less, and guide more. you can read more about it tomorrow.

5. Do AT LEAST One Craft Project. i have some wooden spoons whose handles I want to paint. my mom is supposed to be sending me some vintage fabric so I can make some button magnets. i have a couple easter crafts for the kids [mainly S] -- i want to do some of it, and get back into the habit of creating.

what are your goals this week? and remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. I really want the warm weather back. NC can't give me two beautiful springs to have a nasty one before we move.