25 March 2013

Menu Planning Monday

it's that time, again! 

we did really well last week. once again, we had one meal that didn't get cooked. but it was my own issue. i was convinced we had a pork loin in the freezer. the freezer was not convinced. in the end, the freezer won. we didn't have one. i don't want to talk about it! so that meal didn't get cooked and i made breakfast for supper instead. 

which was a good choice -- because it was the one meal all week that EVERYONE raved about. and the one meal that I need to learn to start making more of. everyone wanted more french toast. more eggs. and there wasn't any of either. 

so what's on this week's menu: 

Monday: chili with cornbread -- my father in law is cooking it and bringing it over, so i am going to finally get around to making the bacon wrapped jalapenos for the husband and i.

Tuesday: balsamic onion pot-roast with mashed potatoes and a veggie

Wednesday: kielbasa with onions and peppers over rice and some fruit

Thursday: roast chicken thighs with stuffing and a veggie

Friday: bbq lil smokies with mashed potatoes and a veggie

Saturday: best ever bbq ribs in the crockpot with baked beans, mac and cheese and a veggie

Sunday [Easter!!]: pineapple-glazed ham with mashed potatoes, peas, buttered rolls and some dessert  -- i can't decide if i want to make a pineapple cake or something different? 

a lot of these meals look a little simpler than i normally include, or cook. but its the last week of the month ... and anyone that gets paid once a month knows that by the end, at times you are scraping the bottom of the barrel! i set a certain budget for groceries, and use only that in cash. well ... with buying the corned beef one week and taking my husband with us to the grocery store another week, we spent a little more some weeks than i normally would out of the budget. so we use the last week of the month to clean out whats already in the freezer.

do you have a menu plan for the week? make sure you go over and link up with Elizabeth and Jane ... check out what other people are cooking up, see who's dinner table you might want to crash, and link up what you are cooking/eating, too! 


  1. Ash! Gimme that ribs in the crock pot recipe:)

  2. We are having chili tonight too!!!! I am excited about it!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. The last week of a pay period is BRUTAL no matter who you are or how often you get paid! ESPECIALLY when you take your husband with you to the store, hahahaha! We went out yesterday afternoon to get minimal ingredients for this week and came home with crackers for him, this rice cake dessert things for him, oh and the "Oh, do we have enough to get this?" questions- I should at least be lucky that he asks instead of just adding it to the cart, since it is *his* money {even though in our house, it's clearly *my* money, even though he makes it, hahaha!).

    This week looks good, even for a cleaning out the fridge week! I miss little smokies! I feel like I only make them for Christmas or New Year when we're eating appetizers all day, but golly, I'm going to think about incorporating them as a meal one weekend! LOVE them in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce on them!

  4. Your menu sounds absolutely divine! Yum! Even getting paid twice a month, the last few days before payday we definitely get a little creative with our meals. Having the meal plan helps a lot but there never seems to be enough of whatever right at the end.

  5. The pot roast and the ribs look so tempting! I'd love to see the recipe for the ribs!