29 March 2013

Friday Funnies

another week has come and gone. we've definitely found ourselves falling into a routine now that M is working a five-day work week. although, today -- we get graced with his presence!!  it's Good Friday, and the state observes the day. so we get a three-day weekend! not really sure what we have planned, other than Easter festivities on Sunday, but i do know we'll enjoy our extra day of being together.

now, onto this week's funnies!!


S: mom, do i drive you to drink? *giggle*
[why yes, darling girl. you do. however did you guess that one? -- of course, i just laughed instead of letting her in on my secret. also secret: my "drink" of choice is caff. free pepsi. ]

s: i want to watch cartoons in the playroom.
me: sorry honey. the tv in there doesn't work anymore.
s: whhhaaaaat?!?!??
me: im sorry, honey.
s: maaannnnn. we live in such an old house!

M.: say thong, thong-thong, thong, thong. *starts singing thong song*
s: thong ... thong ... hmmm, whats that?
me: they're panties, honey. not very comfy. they go up the crack of your butt.
s: do i need some of those? some butt crack panties? daddy ... do you want some too?

me: s ... why did you get into the lysol wipes at naptime?
s: because you didn't put them in the car. where they belong.
me: so that just means you can play with them?
s: duhhhhhhh! *looks at me like it should be obvious!*


even if we do have a routine we generally follow, its safe to say, life around here is anything but boring and monotonous. especially with this little one and her hilarity. 


  1. Geez, why do you live in such an old house? ;)

    And I think y'all should outfit the whole family in butt crack panties!