30 March 2013

Arts and Crafts: Easter Edition

Now that S is getting a little older, its starting to become really fun to do craft projects together. Sometimes she loves them. 

Sometimes, Mom is more excited than she is. Let's just be honest. 

But we do a few here and there -- especially around the holidays. What better way to celebrate than to hang up homemade works of art from your child? 

So this year, thanks, of course, to Pinterest, I had a few fun projects planned. If you've been stalking following on instagram, you've probably already seen these. But here are the few little crafts we finished this Easter season: 

Texture Eggs: foam beads, pompoms and simple coloring

Our Bunny Headbands

Handprint Bunnies -- S on the pink, L on the green
[Ya know, its definitely not easy to get a 15-month-old to keep their hand still!]

We also made a homemade Easter card this year -- one to frame for future years' decoration, and a second one to mail to my parents in Maine. Make sure you check back tomorrow to see how simple, yet adorable, the card is/was!

These crafts have all been really quick ... really simple ... and done before the kids even got out of their pajamas, mostly. But they have all been really fun: and just proof that craft time with kids doesn't have to take forever, or be a chore! 


  1. Great crafts momma! What an awesome way to fill your morning. Those handprint bunnies are the cutest! I can't wait to see the card you made. Hope you won't keep us waiting too long ;)

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  2. The handprint bunnies are beyond cute! We are going to have to try those next year!

  3. Those handprint bunnies are beyond cute! We are going to have to try them next year!