28 March 2013

Easter Basket Sneek Peak

Today, I'm linking up with Sarah for a fun Easter Basket Showcase Link-up! Make sure you head over to see what other girls are filling their families baskets with this Easter!!

Easter is one of those fun holidays in our house. 

I know there is a biblical back story, and that Christ was resurrected on this day. I grew up in the Catholic church, but neither my husband nor myself are regular church-going people these days. 

Spiritual, yes, church-y, not so much. 

{Please don't hold this against us!} 

But our kids still delight in the things that Easter has come to represent in recent years: eggs and bunnies and springtime fun. 

As long as we've had kids, I've always said that their Easter baskets wouldn't be overflowing with candy, but would instead be full with things that encourage them to get outside and get active. Use their imagination and creativity. 

After all, we live in the south, and usually, by this time of year, the weather is absolutely gorgeous! [Okay ... so this year may be the exception to that rule, sadly.] 

I started shopping for this years' baskets last year. As soon as last Easter was over, I hit up the marked down holiday goodies to see what they might have that would be age appropriate for this year. I do it for all the holidays -- and last year, I managed to get some great finds. 

S's Basket 

In her basket, she's getting
-a new coloring book and crayons  -pastel play doh  -a jump rope  -Strawberry Shortcake bandaids 
-bubbles  -a squirt gun  -some Easter socks  -a Disney story book  -stickers and a notepad
-a new toothbrush  -a pez dispenser  -a paddleball   -a cute juice with the re-useable bottle/top
-Charlotte's Web, the movie -a new washcloth  -and two bendy rabbits

L's Basket 

In his basket, he's getting: 
-a new coloring book and crayons  -a Disney storybook  -a new sippy cup
-a cute juice with reuseable bottle/top  -a bathtub lion squirter  -a squirt gun  -a foam rocket
-a puzzle [age appropriate]  -a new toothbrush  -Fox and the Hound, the movie
-two Marvel Comic mini plushies  -a Hot Wheels car  -a light-up bouncy ball  -and two bendy rabbits 

I can't wait to fill the eggs for our Easter Egg hunt. In years' past, we've done the public hunts. But after witnessing two moms literally throwing punches and pulling hair over their daughters' egg count, we decided to do our own at home. The kids can go at their own pace, and S can help her little brother figure out what to do. 

It will be memorable. 

And my camera will be ready! 


  1. I'm SO with you on the whole candy thing! My Drew gets enough sugar as it is but I did put in one little peep for his sweet tooth. :) And I'm glad I'm not the only mom who went with a toothbrush! Thanks for linking up Ashley!

  2. Awh I love it! So many goodies for the kids! Also, love the new layout!