22 March 2013

Friday Funnies

This week's "funny" isn't just a little quote. Although S. has left me cracking up multiple times this week, I can't stop thinking about this one moment over the past weekend, and cracking up every time. I die laughing, remembering the moment. So I just had to share.


We were out to lunch last Sunday for a treat.

S. kept telling me she had to go to the bathroom, and I kept taking her. Once she peed, once was a total miss [and I'm pretty sure she was just saying it to go "play" -- she thinks public restrooms are just the greatest thing ever! I wonder how she'll feel about them as she gets older. If she's truly her mother's daughter, she'll downright deny she ever liked them. And will become a hover-er.].

As we were finishing up our meal, she said she had to go again. I needed to wash L. up anyways, so I took them both. She said she could go in on her own, and I trust her, usually,  since she does it at home by herself anyways.

So she went in, and next thing I know, she's telling me she locked the door.

"For privacy," she said.

Well ... I figured if she could lock it, she could unlock it. It was just a slide lock. I wasn't concerned. So I sat at the sink washing L. up and waiting for her to finish. Next thing I know, I hear:

"Mommy .... can you help me wipe up? Oh yea ... and I can't get the door unlocked."

True story. She was inside ... locked in with her pants around her ankles, just chilling. Not really concerned. Apparently, I'm the mom ... so I must have a way to solve everything. A real-life MacGuyver, in her eyes. I laughed and tried to talk her through how to unlock it, watching the whole time through the crack.

No go.

I got down on the floor to see if there was enough room to crawl under the door [yes, on the bathroom floor in a public bathroom. GROSS! The things we do for our children!] There wasn't. I was starting to worry a little bit, but didn't want her to know.

Luckily, there was an older woman in the next stall. With a bit of grandmotherly wisdom -- Have Savannah crawl through the door herself.

Why didn't I think of that?

So I told Savannah to wipe up on her own the best she could. Get dressed and all that jazz. And then crawl out under the stall. She did and we washed her hands and were going to go tell someone working that we were unable to unlock the stall.

When our knight in shining armor came to the rescue. A little boy, probably no older than 5 or 6. He told his sister he could help us, climbed under the stall, struggled for a second, but managed to get the door unlocked.

We thanked him and were about to leave when he flexed his arms and said:

"It's because I have these huge muscles. I'm just really strong, ya know?!"



What funny things have your kids said or done this week?!


  1. hahahahhaa this is adorable. Little man with big muscles to the rescue. Too cute.

  2. Hey lady!! I found you from the blog hop and so glad I did. This is adorable!!
    Hope you'll hop by mine...I have lots of fun giveaways going on!

  3. Hahahhaha so adorable! Love it!