21 March 2013

Time Alone

I hopped into the shower.

It tends to be my only time during the course of the day where I am relatively alone. Or ... at least, as alone as one can be with nosey little children.

Alone with my thoughts ... daydreaming of quiet time. The quiet that seldom finds me anymore. It's always one thing or another these days. A request. A demand. A need to break up a fight. A boo boo to kiss. A question to answer. A story to read. A baby to rock. A husband to dote on.

There is little time for me these days.

But that shower?

That shower time was mine. I turned the water to hot and let it run over me. Washing away the craziness of that morning. The temper tantrum that sent my daughter running to her room and slamming her door. The crying from my son as he ran full force into the kitchen, and smacked his face on the floor when he slid. It washed away all the little bickering over the toys they were forced, God forbid, to share.

For a few moments, I was at peace. The kids were off playing ... or making a mess. Most likely a large, disastrous mess of epic proportion. But for the moment, that didn't matter. I could clean it up later. For now ... it was me and the water.

Five minutes later ... the hot water ran out.

Cold water just isn't as good company. Guess my time alone for the day was up. Time to get back to the chaos that is my home; that is my children.

I got out, wrapped up in a towel, and immediately heard:

"Mom ... I didn't do it. I swear ...."

Somedays, I wish I had an endless supply of hot water!


  1. Love this post! I use the shower as my getaway too!

  2. I swear I can hear crying when I am in the shower. No one is crying, but I still can hear it. LOL.

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