13 February 2013

A Quick Update

L. went in to the dentist this morning, where they extracted the rest of the tooth. So now, he will have a toothless smile until he gets in his adult teeth. I was having a hard time dealing with it yesterday, but the more I see his happy face today, despite everything he has had to deal with, Im growing  love it just the same. He's still my sweet lovey boy!

The dentist said he did really well, considering his age and having to be separated from Mom. And the whole thing probably only took 20 minutes.

He ate a good lunch afterwards -- he just needs to have softer foods today and tomorrow. And was happy and playing and running around all afternoon and evening. He napped really good, too. You wouldnt think he had been put through that stress if you just saw him out and about! Which is good ... and is healing my hurting heart a little bit.

The dentist gave us some tips, but also told us we couldn't let him drink from a sippy cup or a bottle for 24 hours.

Oh yea -- and no nursing, either.

My one  year old ... who barely drinks from a sippy cup at all [never took a bottle ... some reason he just doesnt want to have to suck anything to get his liquid! No straws, either! Such a difficult little one]. And I have to try to convince him not to drink anything unless its in an open mouth cup?

For 24 hours?!

It's going to be a loooooong night around here, in that case! He fought for almost an hour when I put him to bed without relaxing and nursing first. And I know when he wakes in the middle of the night he's going to fight me as well.

Tomorrow night at bedtime ... Im just looking forward to that. Counting down to that. Waiting ... for that.


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