24 January 2013

My husband got called into work again today.

Since that early morning phone call ruined our plans for the day, I decided to take the kids to the local McDonald's to play. We don't usually eat there -- but they have a blast running around with all the other kids. And there was no way I was going to sit outside at home and let them do it -- its barely 30 degrees here today.

And windy.

But they had a great time. Ran around, made a bunch of friends, laughed and giggled and did silly things. And neither of them fought me when it was time to put their shoes on and head home.

As we were heading to the door, my oldest, S., told me she needed to potty. She's been great since we potty trained her, and we've barely ever had an accident!! Only problem is, she is used to peeing without a coat on.

I would have taken it off her, but I had my arms full with her brother, the doll she insisted on bringing with her, and our drink, too. She said she could handle it -- and since she is a pro at going to the bathroom in public, I trusted her.

Until I helped her wipe up -- and noticed pee all over the floor.

And her pants.

And the back of her panties.

Apparently, she wasn't far enough back on the potty for it to actually go in. She definitely was confused about how it all got on her clothes ... and she looked so sad. I think mainly because she was worried I would be upset.

I wasn't. At least she tried.

And I had a pair of spare panties in the car ... I just didn't have any pants. So poor girl rode home with a blanket on her lap, and bare legs. We ran into the house when we got here, so she wouldn't get too cold.

And I've learned my lesson from now on, to keep a whole spare outfit in the car, just in case.

What do you do when you find you are somewhere unprepared?


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