27 January 2013

Another Cold Plaguing Us

Poor L. -- I don't think he can catch a break. 

The first week of the month, he had a really bad cold. Thick, yucky cough and really runny nose. It took awhile, but finally went away. It was made worse by the fact that he is currently cutting molars. 

They are almost completely through, and we haven't had a good night of sleep all month. 

And what do I discover last night? The sounds of another cold, it seems. He was congested -- his nose, when breathing, sounds bubbly and gross. And as soon as I would lay him down, he would pop his mouth open and breath out of that. And occasionally you could tell some was running down his throat while he was trying to sleep -- he would let out little cough/gag. 

Hopefully its just that the house is dry, and our weather cant seem to make up it's mind: winter or spring temperatures. I don't want to deal with another couple of weeks of spotty, horrible sleep if we can avoid it. I see some vapor baths in our future. 

What tricks to do you to help your little ones battle winter ailments? 


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