28 January 2013

5 for Five

Its Monday morning, already?! Phew ... what happened to the weekend?! 

With the Husband working so much overtime lately, I've completely lost track of the calendar. Yesterday felt like the middle of the week. And today ... Im just completely confused. 

We spent our weekend entertaining my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, who are in town visiting for the first time in years. The last time they were here, I was newly pregnant with our 3 year old ... and the last time we saw them, period, was in 2011, when I was newly pregnant with our 1 year old. 

Grandma was DUE for a visit! 

Things have been casual and lowkey. A little walking around at the outlet stores. Some eating out. Lots of playing around the house with the kids. Its been relaxing and nice. 

And now the weekend is over, she's leaving today to head up north to her parents, and our regular routine should return to normal. So on that note ... onto today's 5 for Five! 


Last week's goals:

1. Keep the kid's playroom cleaned up every evening: I'll admit -- there were a few nights where I really didn't want to do it. Where I told myself, "Ehh ... the doors to this room close. No one will see the mess. And I can just clean it up as the kids play in here, making more mess, tomorrow." But then I kicked myself in the butt ... and did it anyway.

2. Take the kids outside to play three times: Well ... I did it twice, at least. One day was cool, and windy, but otherwise not so bad. We went for a walk and then played on the swingset in the backyard. And the kids loved it. The other day, since the sun was shining, we took the golf cart for a ride. I DID take the kids to play at McDonalds one day, which is a different place and somewhere to play besides in our house ... but I guess I can't really count that. It's cheating ... it's not outdoors.

3. Eat all of our lunches at home: Holy Epic Fail, Batman!! My husband was home a few days this week ... so its safe to say, we need to try again soon. But my husband is home all week this week, and we  get paid, so I can already admit that we will probably eat out at least once.

4. Make it to the post office and mail off the packages that need to go: This got mailed off. Early in the week. I needed to see some progress to not feel like such a loser so early on.

5. Make my craft for Marine Parent's Five Dollar Craft Swap: Again, this was done early on! And it's cute. I like it, anyways! It looks homemade, which is the point ... but not like a kindergartner did it, I hope!

Three out of five isn't bad, I suppose. And really ... It could have been four out of five ... If Id let S. [our oldest pup] play outside in the freezing rain storm like she wanted on Friday. But dealing with one with a bad head-cold is bad enough, and didn't feel like adding another to that count. Hopefully we'll do better this week ... so onto the list!

1. Mail out the craft for Marine Parent's Five Dollar Craft Swap: Its made ... now I just need to get a box and get it to the post office. Again, for some reason, getting to the post office is a chore around here. But the deadline is Friday, by the swap rules, and Im determined to have it out EARLIER than the deadline.

2. Get caught up on laundry ... and STAY on top of it: For some reason, the kids are never without clean laundry. But the Husband and I? Well, we occasionally have to throw in a few pair of underwear with their clothes, or a towel or two with some sheets, all last minute, in order to have something to wear. What is my issue? Oh yea, folding it ...

3. Clip and organize all my coupons before the weekend hits: It has been taking me weeks to get through them ... simply because by the evening, I either curl up with a book, or just get plain ole lazy. Need.To.Stop!

4. Finish reading my book: Speaking of books, Ive been sucked in to Pioneer Woman's love story. Its one of those stories that pulls you in, you can get caught up in the characters, and you already know that once the story is done, you'll be mourning the loss of them, unable to move on so quickly to another book. But I only have one hundred pages left, and cant let my impending heartache get in the way of finishing it up.

5. Play CandyLand at LEAST twice with S. [the oldest pup]: I need to spend some time with her. Good, fun, quality time. And she's been loving this game since she got it for Christmas.

What are your goals for this week?! And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


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