23 January 2013

Baby, its Cold Outside!

I spent the first 21.5 years of my life living in rural Maine.

Snow. Moose. Back country roads. It is what defined my upbringing. When people talk about Maine, they either wonder how we survive in the winter with snow and the really cold temperatures we get... or they ask stupid questions, like if we have indoor plumbing, or how many moose we've seen.

Honestly ... I've only ever seen two moose in the wild ... and neither were "beautiful" encounters. And our winters really are cold.

But I don't think I realized just how cold I was used to things until I moved down here to North Carolina.

Maine summers are beautiful -- and while they may tend to get warm, they don't feel as miserable as the summers I have experienced here in the south. Maybe its because the temps don't climb AS high in Maine ... or maybe it has something to do with the humidity.

Even more ... it could be because I've spent half of my summers in North Carolina pregnant and miserable. Who knows.

But I just always judged my adjustment to North Carolina weather on the summers. And because I was HATING the heat, and always dreading June through the beginning of September, just assumed that my body hadn't assimilated yet.

Boy, did this week prove me wrong!!

Its been in the 30's and 40's and windy here for the past couple of days ... and I've been FREEZING! Coming from someone who once walked across my college campus in -20 degree temperatures with a biting wind, that's a shocking statement! But this cold is different. Maybe it has something to do with our lack of snow. Seeing snow, and knowing it's cold outside kind of go hand in hand. But this week, I managed to just suck it up, put on a coat and not complain about it, even if that wind really chapped my bare face.

Maybe I am finally adjusted to life in the south ... as far as the weather goes. I loved last Monday ... knowing it was only January and the kids and I were having a picnic lunch outside in our backyard. No one can say that back home in Maine.

Unless they are eating lunch in a full-body snowsuit, with mittens on, in a pile of snow.

Have you ever moved somewhere with a different climate/weather pattern? How did you adjust?!


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