02 June 2010

Wise Advice

A while ago, M. and I were driving around aimlessly; bored. It was before devil pup had come along, so we didnt have her fabulous antics to attend to. He decided to stop by and see if his old coworker was home, and introduce me.

He was. And we were introduced. The man was hilarious -- probably one of the funniest people Ive ever met, without even trying. Everything out of his mouth had me wanting to giggle, and he was completely serious about what he was saying, too. It was just his way. Not long into the conversation, his wife joined us on the porch and we all were chatting.

They gave us the key to a successful marriage.

Time apart!

At first, because of how we lived in our marriage [only seeing each other two days a week] I didn't understand, or really like, what they were saying. But now that we are together under the same roof every night, we really do enjoy that advice and live by it.

"We wake up and enjoy a nice breakfast together. Then I go my way and leave her behind. She does the laundry. Sweeps the floor, maybe washes a dish or two. I joyride in my pick-up. Chat with the men at the gas station. Maybe hit up the hardware store. Flirt with a few ladies. And then come back home. The first thing she says is 'where you been?!' and thats how I know -- she missed me! Heck! If she spent every minute of the day stuffed up my tail, she'd grow mighty sick of me mighty quick. Why suffer. Enjoy the little moments together ... but have your own time and hobbies, too. It makes things more interesting -- and gives you stuff to talk about."

Today was one of those "go your own way" kind of days.

M. and his Dad went to Atlantic Beach on a chartered fishing trip. Poor guy -- he was sea sick the whole morning. Said he got sick almost every time he cast his rod. Until the afternoon and then the water calmed down enough to relax a little bit.

The baby and I went shopping! I was looking for a new bathing suit ... but didnt find one I liked just yet. So I settled for the new Candace Bushnell book and some chips and salsa and came home.

When he walked through the door, we had a good time catching up on each others' day, and unwinding before he passed out in bed. He's been up since 2am, after all!

What's some of the best marriage advice you've received? Or even some of the worst?!


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