05 June 2010

Say Farewell

Last night, we drove down to Jacksonville for Husband's farewell dinner.

We had invited about 18 or 20 people, and even at last minute, we unsure how many were going to actually show up. By the time we got seated at Texas Roadhouse, we had 12 people and the two babies! Im so glad that it turned out to be a little smaller than all we had invited. We were able to talk to everyone, and not feel like anyone was left out of a conversation.

The two girls were so cute. They jabbered and held hands and shared toys and pacifiers. They really did entertain an entire table full of Marines! The guys even took turns passing the girls around after dinner and making them laugh and smile, so the two of us moms could eat in peace! It was wonderful.

It was definitely a night to celebrate. Not only is M. getting retired, two others were EAS'ing within the next 30 days, and one of our friends was promoted to Cpl that same day! So it was perfect timing for us all to get together.

Sadly, this may be the last time we see some of these people; others we'll see real soon. I hate that its coming to an end -- if only for the wonderful friends we've made!


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