09 June 2010

Domestic Goddess

I'm not sure what's come over me lately.

Maybe its something about this old farmhouse we are living in.

Or maybe its that Daddy is home full-time now.

Maybe its just motherhood kicking me firmly in the backside.

Whatever it is, I've taken a great interest lately in the kitchen. Granted, I've always cooked for my husband, just not always anything grand. Sometimes I suckered him into cooking dinner. And still sometimes I would convince him we needed to eat out.

Not anymore.

I enjoy cooking for my family. Making the devil-pup's baby food [or at least most of it!] and making dinner for M. and myself. Sometimes, I'll even cook up a lunch mid-day.

I've even gone as far as taking out a few interior design books from the local library to get some ideas on sprucing the kitchen up and making it look really home-y. Since this is a farm-house, I'm really loving the old-style country look. I have a few Longaberger baskets out there holding the fresh produce our landlord keeps bringing by, and all of my wooden utensils.

Just yesterday, on top of everything I made for dinner [including Pioneer Woman's bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos], I made homemade whipped cream with my handy dandy Kitchen Aide. Probably one of the easier things to make ... but I hadn't really ever thought about doing it. And it was so simple and yummy -- I don't think we'll ever be buying Cool-Whip again!

Mix 2 cups of heavy whipping cream, a 1/4 sugar and a splash or two of vanilla [more or less, depending on your flavor palate] and whisk until its good and thick. I did mine a little longer than some would ... I like a good thick consistency to my whipped cream [unlike Cool-Whip's airy texture] -- and M. was in heaven last night when he put some on his shortcake.

What are some of your favorite sumnmer things to make in the kitchen?!


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