14 June 2010

Cookbooks Galore

I have an entire bookcase in my kitchen full of cookbooks.

I honestly think I've been collecting them since I was a young kid. The bindings are still intact -- which goes to show how much they've been used up to this point.

That's all starting to change this week.

Last week I cooked a recipe out of one cookbook -- broccoli cheese chicken. The week before, I made a homemade spice rub out of a  cookbook to cover my beer-can chicken. This coming week Im tackling four different recipes out of three cookbooks. Everything from Betty Crocker [my go-to gal!!] to Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

My goal is to cook at least one recipe out of each of the cookbooks -- even the sweets books. And then start all over again and make something else from them. Then I can start buying more and new cookbooks to add to the collection!


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