30 June 2010

Are We Out Yet?

Yesterday we began the *final* process of leaving the military.

If was officially Daddy's retirement date. So, we loaded into the truck and drove the two hours back to base to pick up his DD214 and stop by a few places quickly to get things squared away.

We should have known better! Nothing with the military is ever quick, or on time. It never runs smoothly. And they always do everything in their power to throw you a massive curve ball at the very last second. Ugh.

We show up to IPAC to request the form -- and what do you know? They have no idea where it is. And the guy who was seperating the packets to mail out isnt in the office. It literally took them two hours to find three pieces of paper for us.

During which time I was melting like snow in hell because it was 98 degrees outside, and the devil pup was cranky, and hungry. We kept running in and out, in and out. Until finally we just sat in the truck in the A/C and waited for Daddy to get what he needed.

We went next door to ask a simple 5-second question to Tricare ... and that turned into another hour-long ordeal. First they MADE us go get our retired ID  cards before they would answer our question. Then instead of simply saying -- "Your prime has now become standard, unless/until you want to enroll in Prime right now..." they just threw the application at us and had us fill it out. We did -- but they didnt say anything about us having to pay the first quarterly premium on the spot. We dont get paid until the 1st! They should know that!! So it was a bust. We had to take the application with us and get it done Wednesday [today] at the local AF base.

From there, we had to take all the paperwork over to our VA rep to make sure the claim is squared away, and that we'll start getting paid on August 1st, like we are supposed to.

We tried to go to the Unemployment Office this morning to start collecting until Daddy can find a job. That was ridiculous. The guy said -- "Can you come back tomorrow morning at 830?" Yea, we can. What for? "Well, you need to file a claim." Ummm ... I thought that was what we were doing right now!!! Seriously? I have to file a claim to file a claim?! WTF!

We wanted to hit up the SS Office too, to see about possible food stamps until we find a job, but we're going to wait a day or two on that.

There is too much to do. And on top of all of this, we are going away to Myrtle Beach for the weekend for a family get-together. And then next weekend, leave for a trip to Maine to see my family for a week. Too much going on to even think straight.

I just wish it was as easy to get out of the military as it is a regular civilian job!


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