01 July 2010

A Big Let-Down

After all the build-up in the classes he took, Husband was looking ahead to getting retired. He was ready for it to come -- and although he knew we would have to be a little tight with money, he wasn't worried about making ends meet with unemployment and his VA check.

We found out this morning -- after all the hassle of going through a briefing and everything else, that he does not qualify for unemployment. They said that because he will eventually get money from the VA -- no matter how much or how little it may be -- it's still considered income. So they won't pay him.

They are looking for some loopholes to see if there is anything they can do to help him out. But right now he's really depressed.

We will at least get a little bit of money from the Marine Corps each month until the VA kicks in. But its not a whole lot. Today we got paid the first time from them. It was all of $35 dollars.


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