12 May 2010

CIF and Turning in Gear

I had to take an unexpected trip down to Camp LeJeune this afternoon to bring a couple seabags full of gear to Daddy. Its official: he's starting the check-out process.

Today he gathered everything he had from the house, his barracks room, his truck and the office and put it all together. Anything fabric-y, he threw in to be washed. His Sappi plates got put to be hand scrubbed; same with his kevlar and his canteens.

He found he had doubles of some things, and we know he's missing a couple items; mainly his camel-pack. Not sure how much its going to cost us, but with having doubles, and no one claiming them as their own, he might be able to go out into town and barter for the things he needs with those extras.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, he's going down to turn everything in, get it signed off on, and find out what exactly he's missing, and what he needs to replace.

If he can get everything taken care of this week, stand his barracks duty on Monday, and finish his Seps and Taps class Thursday, then come Friday he should be granted home-awaiting-orders.

Im keeping my fingers crossed ... but not getting my hopes TOO high. After this long wait, I know they can still screw us any which way possible!


  1. I was gonna say SIF? Don't you mean CIF, then I remembered he is a Marine, lol.

    Glad he's getting to turn all that in. From my experience with CIF many many times, if SIF is at all like it, then make sure there are no stains/dirt on anything. But if everything is in decent condition, you should be ok. My husband hasn't really had the bad encounters with CIF that I have had, so there is lots of hope that they won't be bad.

    I'll say a prayer that you guys get things going easy for you and have everything good happen from here on out. I couldn't imagine having to wait that long on my hubby's med board, but its finally happening for you!!

  2. No -- you are so right, its CIF! Thanks for the correction.

    Hubby was dreading tonight and cleaning everything up. And he's still worried that they wont let him turn in some of his gear. A buddy of his had changed units midway through his enlistment. After he went to his newer unit, his old unit got a unit-wide issue of brand new gear. Because he was already somewhere else, he didnt get it, but CIF tried to say that he did. He had to file a million claims. UGH!

  3. CIF is evil, but I was trying to avoid saying that they enjoy giving soldiers misery by kicking things back or coming up with things never issued. I think its just their ploy to get soldiers to buy brand new stuff for them : / But really as long as you clean everything well and they don't find dirt in places on the ruck sack (around shoulder pads, kidney pad) and another one they like to pick on is canteen lids having dirt or being wet still, as well as dust in the canteen cups. Oh and dust in the kevlar inside.

  4. I remember all that... Which sucks. We went through all that just for him to go back in. Hee hee :) xx