13 May 2010

Making My Own Baby Food? Who Would Have Thought!

I always thought those moms who made their own food and cloth-diapered, breastfed and wore their kids were hippies; the same kind of women who didnt shave their legs and made it a habit to hug trees and drive volkswagens. What my home-state folks so kindly refer to as "crunchies" or "granolas".

But Ive surprised myself since becoming a mother!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. I dont think I ever would have had the same wonderful bond with Devil Pup that I do right now, simply because every time she wants to eat, I get to craddle her close to me, skin to skin, and feed her, directly from me. I wouldn't change that choice for anything in the world -- no matter how difficult it was to find places in public to feed her sometimes [read: a dressing room at Forever 21; the floor in an emergency room bathroom; etc]

And now, I find so much joy in making homemade baby food. Sweet potato. Bananas. Green beans. Pears. Avocado. Carrots. Squash and apples. Not only is it easy, but I know what exactly my child is eating. What is going in her mouth. No preservatives. No added growth hormone.

Really, all you need is a saucepan and a food processor. Cook the food in a little bit of water until soft enough for adult consumption.

Throw everything into the food processor:

My mother bought me these wonderful containers from Williams Sonoma made especially for freezing and storing homemade baby food. You can make a large batch all at one time, place it into the individual sections on the container [similar to an ice cube tray] and pop it into the freezer. Takes up very little room, and as soon as they are completely frozen, you can transfer them to ziploc bags to reuse the container for another food.

It has made life so much simpler around here. Between the local fruit market down the road [where I picked up the locally grown pears in the pictures] and the WIC check we get each month, it also cuts down dramatically on the cost of her food. I cant imagine buying as much in baby food as I make, for as cheap.


  1. I love this idea! I've always told my hubby that if we ever have a lil one that I would want to make my own baby food. Your lil one is very lucky :)