16 May 2010

A Couple Firsts ...

I didnt mention it earlier -- I wanted to be sure it was EXACTLY what I thought it was.

The Devil Pup has said her first word. She's been babbling and jabbering on for awhile now; going on and on. Blowing spit bubbles and screaming really loud. Laughing out loud and giggling. But now she clearly said:

"MaMa" !!!

And I couldn't be happier, or more excited. Now we just need to work on "DaDa" and we'll be good to go!

Our other "first" came tonight.

We were visiting with some friends, and she was sitting on the floor squealing with delight everytime their dog walked passed her. So loud that it scared the dog! He wanted nothing to do with her.

So the Mom gave her a few toys to play with. She was sitting with her back up against the couch, and was playing good. Happy. Enjoying the noises that the toys were making. Next thing I know, she toppled over forward and landed flat on her stomach, knocking her face against one of the toys!

She picked her head up -- and then the crying and red face commenced. Tears -- the whole thing. I felt awful, but at first couldnt find anything wrong. Then she looked me dead in the eye and I saw it growing -- there is a good sized egg on her forehead from where she knocked against the toy. Part of it looks like it might bruise.

My poor baby girl -- it broke my heart to hear her, and see her, in so much pain!


  1. Yay for the first word, but boo on the bruise on her head. Poor little thing!