18 May 2010

He's Home!

After two years of being married, we *finally* get to see what it feels like to live together.

Daddy signed all the necessary paperwork [as did I] yesterday, and was sent home on home-awaiting-orders until his final EAS June 30th.

We have to go back to base on Thursday for a day-long Seps and Taps class. And then we need to go back in June to get his DD214 form, and get things with his VA pay squared away.

He doesn't really know what to do with himself. He's looking at work in a couple different directions [Correctional Facility; EMT] and just taking things in stride.

Me?! Im learning how to take a deep breath when the mess I just cleaned up gets messed up again. Im figuring out what time normal people eat and prepare dinner [for two] instead of my breakfast-for-dinner at 8pm. Im learning to sleep on my side of the bed, instead of hogging the whole thing. And Im learning how to share the remote, even when my shows are on.

One day at a time ... but at least my marine is home. And this time, its for good!


  1. I'm wondering how I'll adjust when Sean gets home. Like you, I eat breakfast for dinner, sleep on his side of the bed and am used to being by myself.

    Glad your Marine is home for good though!